Taxidermy pigeon wings, arduino, car glass, metal rod, tape, variable size (2021)

Part of the off site group exhibition Skogens konung at Groddammen in Kålltorp, Gothenburg.


Inkjet photography, 50x70cm (2019-ongoing)


Moth dream

Taxidermy sea gull, found photograhpy, wooden sticks, hay (2020)

Exhibitited at EARTHFLAX / Ride or die 2.0 at Ödledammen in Gothenburg


Swallow, saw blade, wood, match, plastic figurine, found photography, eyeliner, candle (2020)

Installation shots for Further down the drain at Solo Show

Birds on liquid

Taxidermy, crow, jackdaw and wood pigeon, honey, redbull, juice, glas sheets, plastic cups (2020)

Exhibited at Aerosol, Sage, Intent: Unlock at Göteborgs Konstförening + online

Documentation by Erik Gustafsson.