Inkjet photography, 50x70cm (2019-ongoing)



Swallow, saw blade, wood, match, plastic figurine, found photography, eyeliner, candle (2020)
Installation shots for Further down the drain at Solo Show

Miscibility gap: birds on liquid

Exhibited at Aerosol, Sage, Intent: Unlock at Göteborgs Konstförening + online (2020)

Documentation by Erik Gustafsson

Moth dream

Taxidermy sea gull, found photograhpy, wooden sticks, hay (2020)
Exhibitited at EARTHFLAX / Ride or die 2.0 at Ödledammen in Gothenburg

Car door - Bird wing

42 digital photographs in slideshow (2020)
Graduation project exhibitited online at  

Pegasus wing display

Excerpt of Car door - bird wing exhibited at The thicker the woods the waster the vista at Nevven in Gothenburg (2020)

        Documentation by David Eng

Hypnotic trio

Inkjet photographs, sneaker, jay bird wing, wood, stone, glass (2020)
Excerpt of Car door - Bird wing exhibited at We’ve been sent a strange sign at Landskrona Foto Festival

Hanna Antonsson, Sweden 2021