didn’t see it coming
Solo exhibition at Galleri BOX 17 february – 19 march 2023

Photos: Hendrik Zeitler
Video: Hanna Antonsson

Auto wing IV

Taxidermy great black-backed gull wings, arduino, servo motors, car tire, tire cable, metal rod, metal clips (2022)


Auto wing I

Taxidermy pigeon wings, arduino, car glass, metal rod, tape, variable size (2021)

Part of the group show Cautere, FRAC Corsica at Corisca, SILENT MAIL, 3:e Våningen, and the offsite exhibition Skogens Konung at Groddammen in Gothenburg.

Auto wing III

Taxidermy hooded crow wings, arduino, exploded car tire, metal rod, tape, variable size (2022)

Auto wing II

Taxidermy sea gull wings, car tire, metall (2021)